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What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.


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Hi and welcome to my page. I purchased my first tarot cards over 30 years ago and began reading the cards intuitively and have been working with them ever since. I am a member of an worldwide academy with one of the World’s famous Tarot Masters, Richard Knight. I am an accredited advanced Tarot Practitioner & a member of the Spiritual Workers Association.


Dream Meanings

Chewing Gum Dream Meaning

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings Dreaming of chewing gum is quite an interesting dream, it is about being stuck in life. Candy in dreams normally means that there is a sweet
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What does a dented car mean in a dream

What does a dented car mean in a dream? Many people have come to me about dreaming of car dents. Often, this is after dreaming of an accident. Some people
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Scorpion Dream Meaning

Scorpion Dream Meaning Perhaps you are being chased by the terrifying scorpion, or you are being attacked by many of them. Even though you wake up safe, you cannot shake
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Dream of being chased with a knife

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings Of Being Chased And A Knife The following dream I had four times in a row: “I was walking along the road of a busy high
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Photo Dream Meaning

Dream Of Photos We now use photographs in a very different way than historically. the photo captures moments of loved ones and photography has developed into the digital sphere. What
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Dream Of Choking

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings The dream about choking is connected to your spiritual potential in life, as well as how you communicate on this spiritual plane. A human being begins
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