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Hi and welcome to my page. I purchased my first tarot cards over 30 years ago. Back in the 80’s there were no tarot schools just tarot books to guide you through the meanings of the cards. It’s not until I started reading for others I began to understand how the cards start to tell a story of that person’s situation. How the cards interact and answer’s aspect’s of a question. How the cards offer guidance and makes you aware of opportunities to come. The cards, still today amazes me how each reading I give, delivers the message my clients are seeking. Before I decided to read professionally I took it upon myself to sought out the best qualification I could find to allow me to practise internationally. I joined a worldwide academy headed by one of the World’s famous Tarot Masters, Richard Knight. I am accredited as an Advanced Tarot Practitioner and abide by a code of ethics and I am also a member of the Spiritual Workers Association.  I also take inspiration from another Tarot Master Vincent Pitisci who has revolutionized the Tarot industry with his 50 years experience as a professional tarot reader. My favourite deck is the Visconti-Sforza which date back to the 15th Century Italian renaissance period. Combining the ancient art of tarot with modern day techniques, I will work with you to explore areas of your life in detail, gaining deeper insight and often life changing guidance for the journey ahead.


3rd July – Gorse Covert Community Centre, Maxwell Drive, Loughborough LE11 4RZ . Mind, Body, Spirit Show 10am-4pm.

9th July – Moor Market, Low moor Road, Kirkby in Ashfield, NG17 7BE. 9am – 2pm

17th July – Calverton Village Hall, Park Road, NG14 6SA. Mind, Body, Spirit Show 10am-4pm.

30th July – Moor Market, Low moor Road, Kirkby in Ashfield, NG17 7BE. 9am – 2pm

Pop along and come and have a reading ! Lisa




Sessions can be carried out over a video call platform making this an interactive experience that is accessible to all, or one to one in person. Astrology has also been a passion of mine, and I use the latest comprehensive software to produce beautiful Birth Chart Booklets & Forecast reports. This can be sent as PDF. Alternatively they can be personalised, printed and gift boxed straight to your door. (Birth Chart & 2022 Forecast only). Please take a look at all the different reports you can order. I look forward to either reading for you or producing an Astrological report.


All readings are simply a guide. You always have free will and can make any changes in your life that you wish. During a reading I will not give specific Health, Legal or Financial advice. A reading does not compel you to take specific action it only makes suggestions. These suggestions should be weighed up along with other known information regarding your specific situation. I treat all my clients as intelligent adults that can use their common sense. In the eyes of the law a reading should be for entertainment purposes only and how you respond to the information given during a reading is entirely your responsibility. Clients must be 18 years or older to book, receive and/or purchase a reading, product, or service.

Sessions with Lisa are considered digital goods/services and there is no refund or exchanges. Lisa reserves the right to terminate a reading if she feels that the subject or subjects are being disruptive or uncooperative. If a session is terminated because of such actions, no refunds will be issued, and any monies paid for the session will be forfeited.

Before commencing my reading, I have considered all of the above, and I agree to hold Lisa Peters harmless and hereby release and remise Lisa Peters from any claims, demands, for injury or complications whatever and/or negligence that may suits for damages, for injury or complications whatever and/or negligence that may result from any tarot reading.


Tarot Guidance + Astrology Report


30min Reading £30.00 – Receive my insights and intuitive interpretations of your cards in this interactive tarot session.


20min Tarot Reading + Astrology Report £45.00 – I will require your DOB, Time of Birth, Place of Birth, and current location.